I deleted my previous posts because i found it jerk. hahahahaha

Helo guys, so basically this is a welcome post to my new face of my wordpress. i just redo my blog because i want to make it alive back. whoever had seen my previous blog might know my previous template look alike what kan. it was same as this new template but its wider and bila baca posts tu macam buruk. so this template is just okay. I chose pink colour for my base because it seems……good? im not a pink kind of baby but most of my stuffs are in pink so u guys girl know what i mean hahaha.

basically its took me hours to redo my blog sebab awkward dah lama tak bukak. and i want to edit my footer tau lepastu jadi so small like wtf ? it was 2200width and 430height but bila letak it turned out to be so small macam baik tak payah? i almost fade up ok! finally everything jadi eventhough the footer header tu tak besar like what i wanted but okay lah, the size is just nice because all u need is patience okay just that.just like that. huhuhu.

so, im not end up here because i’ll continue with another new posts about my past sem result. jeng jeng jenggg. bye!


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