DIY Masker


Haiye! im having breakouts right now that really breaks my heart so much! *nangis*  I dont usually put moisturiser on neither toner or serum because i dont have such things and im too broke for that. lolss. So basically, i want to share few recepies to make home made masker with natural remedies yang you guys boleh korek dekat dalam peti ais rumah je okay? BUT! (well, everything in life must be followed with ‘buts’ right? hehehe.) you should understand a thing, these masker may works on me, its doesnt mean it would work on your skin too, because each of us have different type of skin okay? and mine is dry+oily+peluh oh my skin is multi-type skin OH MY !!

u can steam your face before doing the facial mask on. but its optional. okay. lets we start it!


Most of us might already knew how to make egg mask. and our ways are different okay. just like me and my ex, we have different ways. hukhukhhuuuukk kill it… OK! sorry. hahaha. so, i barely do this masker because sayang telur kat rumah, nanti mama marah pakai banyak sangat . lol. so…

The Ingredients are…


honey *optional*

Some people only use the white egg. and some of them use both yellow and white. both ways are good. tapi untuk mengelakkan pembaziran, u, the oily skin people, can use both yellow and white egg okay? no worry. its good for skin, for this method, dont put on egg mask lama sangat. lepas kering terus basuh. and make sure it 100% clean and clear, no more eggs left.

after that, wipe your face with clean towel. put on honey pulak. make sure the original one okay? not fake. not the one yang macam dah letak preservatives tu. put on the honey for at least 5 minutes. and then, wipe your face, leave it unwash for few minutes. and there u go. a healthy moisturized skin!


I like this masker so much because when you wash your face, it’ll be so soft walaupoooon…. waaaaalaupooooonn… hahahaaha u know what i mean. okay! back to board.

The Ingredients are…



cold water

cucumber (timun)

cut the tomato into small pieces ( either into dices or slices both boleh), masukkan dalam blender (blender kering je). put a little honey (2 tea spoon, ikut lah banyak masa tomato kau tu, agak agak je) jangan banyak sangat! tomato tu dah juicy tau. nanti berair. after that, letak cold water pun a tea spoon. buat sejuk muka jela wei. hahaha, BLEND IT ALTOGETHER AND READY TO PUT ON!

ah lepastu… put the masker on your face, and cut two slices of cucumber for your eyes. relax for 15-30 minutes. Wash clean, wipe with clean towel and you have a soft and tander skin now!

p/s : u can also make tomato juice with this recepie. consume it daily, and u’ll get the inner beauty. lol i tak buat pun sbb tak suka sayur.bye.


This recepie…. i bet you guys wouldnt trylah. sebab seriously pedih. BUT! the result is pretty awesome good gila nak mampus! for me, worth lah. sakit dia macam kau makan ramen. menyengat.  it kills your acne.

The Ingredients are…



ice cubes


ubat tahan seperti peha adik kau untuk grab dan tahan sakit *optional

huhuhu… seriously, pedih tau? so, i dah cakap awal awal. jangan kata tak cakap okay? the first step is patahkan cinnamon, pastu tumbuk jadi halus. dek, cinnamon tu kayu manis tau. jangan kau tumbuk bunga cengkih ke buah pelaga pulak, jadi kari kau nanti dek. lepastu, mix the serbuk cinnamon yang dah tumbuk tadi, dengan honey. original madu okay, stir and make sure tak cair sangat. put on for few minutes. i bet kau tahan…. 3 minit jelah. lepastu menangis. hahahaha. lepas basuh and lap with clean towel. roll the ice cubes on your face to tutup pores and its work as your toner. Finish! now your acne akan mati within 24hours! happy faces!

Okay for now, kalau tak post ni panjang sangat. nanti bila aku ter try new masker. i’ll share diy masker part2 okay? before all. few things you should know about wearing masker. jangan pakai mask tu lama sangat, biasa limitnya 30-45minit untuk mask yang beli kat drugstores ke mana mana tu. kalau home made punya, limitation dia sampai 30minit je okay? 15 min pun dah okay dah nak cantik lettewww. and then, pakai 2-3kali per weeks je. jangan hari hari, nanti… emmm, kopak muka kang pakai hari hari. hahahaha. okay gais! enjoy the diy mask!


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